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angel in flight book cover author shelly pulseRobin learned at age four that angels manifest in many forms. Some wear green like Angel Michael who plucked her from the snow on the side of a mountain after she survived a plane crash claiming all her family. Others wear white hospital gowns who put her broken body back together after the rescue. But the ones Robin remembers most are the glittery snow angels who stood vigilance around her, keeping her alive until help came.

Raised by her aunt Margaret, teen Robin turns to artistic expression of the sacred angels. With a lot of coaxing from her high school art teacher and Michael, now a major father figure, Margaret relents and allows her to attend a college-level art program for gifted students.

On her first time away from home, except for the months in hospitals, Robin faces the greatest challenges of her life. She must share an dormitory with roommates she does not know and endure the embarrassment of revealing her scarred body. Fall and winter always allowed her to cover up her scars. How was she going to explain long sleeves and pants in the sweaty heat of summer?

The last thing she expected was a boy named Jeremy... and falling in love. Will he accept her? Even with her physical and emotional scars? Download the book now to enjoy reading a coming-of-age tale based on a true story.

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