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cross the line book cover jenny plumb

Blurred Lines Book 1

Andie started pulling cons with her father in early childhood, and now she's one of the best car thiefs in town. That changes the day she accidentally hits a dog with a stolen car. Even though she knows it will probably mean jail time, she simply can't leave the dog to die and takes it to a nearby vet.

David's years as a veterinarian, and as a Daddy Dom, have prepared him to handle unusual events in stride. But seeing a woman arrested in the middle of his clinic catches him off guard. That night David tells his wife and fellow dominant, Nina, about the young woman, and they decide to help Andie with her legal troubles.

 Andie doesn't trust the nice couple who say they want to help her, but she can't easily refuse their help if she wants to stay out of jail. Andie tries to keep her distance, but that becomes increasingly difficult as her inner submissive latches on to the dominance she senses from both David and Nina.