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the tale of the tarot novel book cover dj schneiderHer destiny lies in the cards…

Fifteen-year-old Melanie Simpson and her friends uncovered a secret her father held for twenty years—material he smuggled out of a UFO crash in 1947 and has hidden away somewhere. Now, twenty years later, Melanie has found it, and along with it, the interest of dangerous men who will do anything to get the material from her.

She also learns of a device given to her father by a dying alien at the crash site. In a letter left behind after his death her father tells of a quest, and that if she is reading this letter, he has been killed and she is now the only one able to finish it.

She knows the device and quest must be connected, but where is it? With the help of her friends she searches for clues, all while facing the dangers of those after her. Then, a tarot card reading discloses even more—a link to the stars and a destiny revealed within the cards.

Set against a historical backdrop of UFO sightings, events, and government cover-ups, Melanie is driven toward that destiny. With each step she falls deeper into a world of lies, deceit, doubts about her sanity, increasing danger, and possible death.

This is Book One of the Melanie Simpson Mystery Series and follows the prequel, The Roswell Quest.

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