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whos who a novela author marshall welchOnnie Thomas is 16-years old. She likes to listen to heavy metal music, smoke cigarettes, steal from the convenience store, get high in the cemetery, and walk along the railroad tracks in her hometown of Stafford, Kansas. Her luck finally runs out after getting caught siphoning gas into a friend’s car. She is ordered to complete community service hours at the local library. While archiving books, Onnie stumbles upon a bundle of letters hidden in a 1940 volume of Who’s Who written long ago by a girl her own age. The yellowing pages from the Big Chief writing tablet reveal a tragic secret buried in the past. Moved by the passages, she is compelled to search for the mystery author with the hope of returning the time capsule to her. Her quest ends in an unexpected friendship bridging two generations with a bittersweet balm that heals the terrible wounds inflicted long ago and the teenage angst of living in today’s digital world.

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