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back up book cover author marshall welchBACK UP provides a complete portrait of Bessie James who was first introduced in the prequel, BACK STORY. Her musical career began serenading stuffed animals in the bedroom of the mobile home where she lived with her alcoholic mother and ultimately moved on to sold-out auditoriums where she created a space to be with adoring fans. Her journey takes an unexpected detour when the rocky road she’s on seems to be leading her nowhere fast. Along the way she encounters many curious people and things – a gypsy, a UFO, the Zen of cigars, a long-forgotten teen idol, a glimpse of Nirvana, the Three Stooges, a matriarch book-keeper wielding a shotgun, the shadow of song she had recorded, and a gentleman farmer who helps find her way to a place where cookies and milk somehow make everything all right. The songs in the story come to life using QR codes embedded on the page. Readers can use their smartphones to scan the code and hear the song.

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