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a box of shadows book cover author marshall welchEric returns home after being away for 15 years to attend his mother’s funeral and to support his older sister who now must care for their father who suffers from dementia. As a professional recording engineer, he brings with him his collection of sounds as well as the resentment toward his estranged father he has carried for over a decade. During his visit, Eric discovers his father has a collection of his own -- a series of paintings his father has created that reveal a host of mysteries and secrets. Eric pulls the pieces of a puzzle together from the paintings in an attempt to get a complete picture of the father he never really knew or understood. In the process, Eric unlocks a box of shadows that reveal not only who his father is, but who Eric has become. Together, they break out of the constraints of who they are and pretend to be as they rekindle their relationship as father and son.

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