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author profile picture stephanie matherStephanie Mather (formerly Stephanie Barton) is a former H.S. teacher, Dungeon & Dragons player, and hopeless romantic. Naturally, she writes Romance and Fantasy novels, along with the occasional short story. Writing was something she always enjoyed in school, but with full-time work and raising a family, writing took a sideline until later in her life. When she once again found time for personal growth, she dusted off her old interest and wrote her first novel in an attempt to check an item off her bucket list.

With her first novel under her belt a year later, she decided to write a second, then a third, and an author was born. Today she alters her writing between her favorite genres. When she isn’t at the computer writing, she enjoys game nights with friends, spending time with her husband and daughter, playing with her kitties, and, of course, reading.

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Titles include:

The Kentavros Trilogy:

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