Stories for Readers authors share in-depth articles readers might find interesting or relate to the authors published works.

As our human species evolves, so does the storytelling method. We adapt to trends in style, length, and the media through which a story is delivered. Making stories accessible to the visually impaired or cognitively challenged through audiobooks and accessibility tools has expanded the number of readers. The debate will rage for centuries over physical versus electronic. We don't care which the reader prefers. We simply hope you'll read our stories.

I heard it said once that listening to a story is not reading. That individual doesn't understand the etymological origin of the word with verbal roots. We all consume the written word in different ways. My earliest recollection involved my mother reading a book to me aloud as I followed along, enjoying the pictures that aided in the storytelling.

Books, and the stories they contain, help to construct and maintain our cultures. Through them, we begin to understand each other, our heritage, and our place in society. Although most of our stories are fiction, we hope you'll find inspiration, be entertained, and share your experience with others.